Master and Margarita Questions and Answers: Chapters 7-8

Mikhail Bulgakov

Questions and Answers: Chapters 7-8

1. What began happening two years ago at apartment 50?

2. Why does Styopa have trouble speaking?

3. How much is Woland to be paid for his performances of black magic?

4. Where does Styopa find himself after leaving apartment 50?

5. What does Dr. Stravinsky believe will happen to Ivan if he goes to the police?

1. Two years ago, people began disappearing from apartment 50 without a trace.

2. Styopa has trouble speaking because “at each word, someone stuck a needle into his brain, causing infernal pain.”

3. Woland is to be paid 10,000 rubles up front, “as an advance on the thirty-five thousand rubles due him for seven performances.”

4. He finds himself at the end of a jetty in the city of Yalta.

5. Dr Stravinsky believes Ivan will be back at the clinic in two hours if Ivan goes to the police.