Master and Margarita Questions and Answers: Chapters 5-6

Mikhail Bulgakov

Questions and Answers: Chapters 5-6

1. How is Griboedov’s restaurant described?

2. What two things happen exactly at midnight?

3. Where is the psychiatric clinic?

4. What does Ivan denounce Riukhin as?

5. What measure does Ivan take to catch the Professor?

1. Griboedov’s restaurant is described as being richly decorated, having a select clientele, and offering top-quality food for reasonable prices.

2. The twelve writers go down to Griboedov’s restaurant, and the Griboedov’s jazz band starts playing.

3. The psychiatric clinic is “on the outskirts of Moscow by the bank of the river.”

4. Ivan denounces Riukhin as “a little kulak carefully disguising himself as a proletarian.”

5. Ivan uses a small candle and the icon to catch the Consultant.