Master and Margarita Questions and Answers: Chapters 3-4

Mikhail Bulgakov

Questions and Answers: Chapters 3-4

1. Who is the last person Berlioz sees before he dies?

2. What is the Professor’s reply to Ivan’s question, “[W]ho are you”?

3. Who does Ivan think the Choirmaster is?

4. Where does Ivan realize he will find the Professor?

5. When Ivan comes out of the Moscow River, what does he find in place of his clothes?

1. The last person Berlioz sees is the citizen who had formed “himself out of the thick swelter” earlier, a man with checkered trousers, a small mustache, and tiny eyes.

2. The Professor’s reply is “no understand… no speak Russian.”

3. Ivan thinks the Choirmaster is in partnership with the Professor and is trying to keep Ivan from catching the Professor.

4. Ivan realizes he will find the Professor in house 13, apartment 47.

5. Ivan finds “a pair of striped drawers, the torn Tolstoy blouse, the candle, the icon and a box of matches.”