Master and Margarita Questions and Answers: Chapters 11-12

Mikhail Bulgakov

Questions and Answers: Chapters 11-12

1. What is Ivan worried about as he starts to write his statement about the Consultant?

2. How is Georges Bengalsky described?

3. What is the first trick Fagott performs?

4. What does Woland say about the audience?

5. What does Fagott say Sempleyarov did the previous night?

1. Ivan is worried that if he describes Berlioz as being deceased it might lead the clinic to “take him for a madman.”

2. Georges Bengalsky is described as plump, wearing “a rumpled tailcoat and none-too-fresh shirt,” and with a clean-shaven face.

3. The first trick Fagott performs is to flip a deck of cards to the cat, then have the cat send the cards back, with Fagott swallowing the cards.

4. “They love money,” like all people, and “the housing problem has corrupted them.”

5. Fagott says Sempleyarov went to visit his mistress on Yelokhovskaya Street.