Master and Margarita Questions and Answers: Chapter 26

Mikhail Bulgakov

Questions and Answers: Chapter 26

1. What does Niza say is the reason she decided to go out of town?

2. What does Judas see above the temple?

3. In Pilate’s dream, what does he think of the execution of Yeshua?

4. Where did Matthew Levi take Yeshua’s body?

5. What position does Pilate offer Matthew Levi?

1. She says she decided to go out of town because she would have been bored if Judas came to her house.

2. Judas sees “two gigantic five-branched candlesticks” blaze above the temple.

3. In Pilate’s dream, he thinks the execution of Yeshua never happened because Yeshua is walking beside Pilate, and because “it would be terrible even to think” of executing Yeshua.

4. Matthew Levi took Yeshua’s body with him into “a cave on the northern slope of Bald Skull.”

5. Pilate offers Matthew Levi a job sorting and looking after the papyri in Pilate’s library in Caeserea.