Master and Margarita Questions and Answers: Chapter 2

Mikhail Bulgakov

Questions and Answers: Chapter 2

1. Why does Pontius Pilate fear he will have “a bad day”?

2. What happens to Yeshua after he calls Pilate a “good man”?

3. What is Yeshua’s reaction to the writings of Matthew Levi?

4. How does Yeshua say he entered Yershalaim?

5. Why does Pilate squint his eyes as he mounts the platform?

1. Pilate fears he will have a bad day because he has been pursued by the smell of rose oil since dawn.

2. Pilate has Mark Ratslayer beat Yeshua with a whip and tell him to call Pilate Hegemon and stand at attention.

3. Yeshua claims he has said none of the things Levi has attributed to him, and he asks Levi to burn his writings.

4. He says he entered Yershalaim “by the Susa gate, but on foot, accompanied only by Matthew Levi” and no one recognized him as he entered.

5. Pilate squints his eyes because he does “not want to see the group of condemned men” being brought to the platform.