Master and Margarita Summary and Analysis: Chapters 7–8

Mikhail Bulgakov

Summary and Analysis: Chapters 7–8

New Characters
Styopa Likhodeev: The director of the Variety Theatre, he is also Berlioz’s roommate.

Rimsky: The financial director of the Variety Theatre.

Azazello: The third member of the Professor’s retinue.

The chapter opens by introducing Styopa Likhodeev, Berlioz’s co-tenant in apartment 50 at 302-bis on Sadovaya Street. Styopa is beset by a raging headache, apparently the result of his drinking the prior night. An aside on the history of the apartment reveals that people began disappearing from it two years earlier. Anna Fougeray, a jeweler’s widow, had let out three of the apartment’s rooms, but all three lodgers vanished,...

(The entire section is 737 words.)