Master and Margarita Summary and Analysis: Chapters 19-20

Mikhail Bulgakov

Summary and Analysis: Chapters 19-20

New Characters
Nikolai Ivanovich: Margarita’s husband.

The master’s lover, the 30-year-old, childless Margarita, has a comfortable life but does not love her husband. With the master gone and her not knowing if he is alive or dead, she sinks into despair. But on Friday, the same day as the bookkeeper’s arrest, she wakes up around noon, sensing that her dream last night of the master calling to her means he is either dead and calling for her to join him, or alive, and they will see each other soon. She listens to her housemaid, Natasha, talk about last night’s magic show, but she dismisses the stories as a false rumor. Margarita takes the trolley-bus down the...

(The entire section is 650 words.)