Master and Margarita Summary and Analysis: Chapters 14-15

Mikhail Bulgakov

Summary and Analysis: Chapters 14-15

New Characters
Sergei Gerardovich Dunchil Dunchil: A roughly 50-year-old man accused of hiding currency and a gold necklace.

Summary Rimsky, sitting in his office at the Variety Theatre, hears a policeman’s whistle as he stares at a stack of cash from the magic show on his desk. He looks out on the street to see two disheveled, nearly naked women leaving the theatre. The clock strikes midnight, and Varenukha enters Rimsky’s office. An anxious, fearful Rimsky asks Varenukha about Styopa, and gets the answer that Styopa was found in the tavern in Pushkino. Rimsky is happy with this news, but as Varenukha tells the story of Styopa’s outrageous drunkenness at the Yalta tavern, Rimsky realizes...

(The entire section is 809 words.)