Master and Margarita Summary and Analysis: Chapter 26

Mikhail Bulgakov

Summary and Analysis: Chapter 26

New Characters
Niza: A woman pursued by Judas; she betrays him to the Hooded Man.

Judas: The man who betrayed Yeshua; he is murdered by the Hooded Man’s henchmen.

An anguished Pilate calls to his dog, Banga, for comfort. Meanwhile, Aphranius gets three carts loaded with entrenching tools and barrels of water, and the cart drivers, escorted by 15 men on horseback, set off for Bald Mountain. Aphranius leaves as well on horseback and goes to Antonia Fortress, then to Greek Street in the Lower City. He meets Niza, a young woman, at a house there, and they leave separately after their brief meeting. At the same time, Judas of Kiriath is leaving his dreary...

(The entire section is 667 words.)