Master and Margarita Summary and Analysis: Chapter 23

Mikhail Bulgakov

Summary and Analysis: Chapter 23

With midnight looming, the hosts must hurry to prepare for the ball. Margarita is washed in a jeweled pool filled with blood, then with rose oil. Rose petal slippers are put on her feet, a diamond crown is put on her head, and Koroviev hangs an oval picture of a black poodle around her neck. He instructs her to acknowledge every guest, and an empty ballroom appears, adorned with columns, tulips, and lamps, and populated by some “naked Negroes” standing by the columns, and an orchestra of roughly 150 men, conducted by Johann Strauss. Another room has walls of roses and a wall of Japanese double camellias, fountains of champagne bubbling in three pools, Negroes to serve the champagne, and a jazz...

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