"MASTER HAROLD" . . . and the Boys Topics for Further Study
by Athol Fugard

"MASTER HAROLD" . . . and the Boys book cover
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Topics for Further Study

(Drama for Students)

Research the South African system of apartheid. Compare that system to the segregated system of "separate but equal" that existed in the United States in the 1950s. What differences in the respective governments of the two countries enabled the U.S. to overcome racial inequalities before South Africa?

Discuss the episode of the kite, particularly in the light of Sam's explanation after Hally has spit in his face.

Sam discusses the complexities of human relations by using the metaphor of dance. Show how this metaphor works in the context of the play.

Hally has two one-sided telephone conversations during the play. Discuss his mood after each one. Why is the second call more troubling than the first?

Almost all of the dialogue in the play is between Sam and Hally. What is Willie's role in this drama? Is it mere observer"? Or is his role more significant than that9