Massachusetts Bay Colony

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What happened to Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson in the Massachusetts Bay Colony?

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Roger Williams was an extremely important person in colonial America. He was a co-founder of Rhode Island and founder of the city of Providence. Williams was a major proponent of religious freedom as well as separation of church and state, for which Providence was founded. Williams found opposition by the strict Puritan practices of Massachusetts and left for Rhode Island. He eventually traveled to England to help secure the charter for the colony of Rhode Island in 1647.

Anne Hutchinson followed a similar path to that of Roger Williams. Like Williams, she sought religious refuge in colonial Massachusetts. She also found conflict with the Puritans over the practice of religion, both in terms of religious ideology and simply by virtue of being a woman preacher. Hutchinson believed that pure faith was the path to God and that anyone who was faithful could go to heaven, while the Puritans followed far more strict practices. She was ultimately charged and banished from the colony. She and her family resettled in Rhode Island (at the suggestion of Roger Williams) and was eventually killed by Native American Siwanoy warriors.

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