Massachusetts Bay Colony

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How did the early Massachusetts colony differ from other colonies?

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The first European settlers in Massachusetts were the Pilgrims, who were Separatists.  They held Christian beliefs, but they separated themselves from the Church of England.  They were persecuted for their beliefs in England, so they decided to seek religious freedom in the New World.  Their reason for settling in Massachusetts was one motivated by religion.  Other colonies were settled for mainly economic reasons.

Religion continued to be important in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  The Puritans had a strong presence in the colony.  They established churches and schools throughout Massachusetts.  Puritan beliefs governed many laws in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  Religion did not permeate the other colonies as it did in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Bay Colony was farther north than other colonies.  They had a shorter growing season than many of the other colonies due to the long winter months.  They were unable to rely as heavily on farming as an industry because of this.  The soil in Massachusetts was also not as rich as in the colonies further south.  It was rocky and not as fertile.  The Massachusetts Bay Colony had to rely on the industries of trade, shipbuilding, and lumber.

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