Mary Stolz Virginia Haviland - Essay

Virginia Haviland

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[Cat in the Mirror is a skillfully wrought,] engrossing fantasy about a child who lives in two societies, three thousand years apart. Highly individualistic Erin Gandy, who has been miserable at five schools in three countries, is again an outsider at school…. (p. 597)

When school reopens in the fall, a new student, Seti, the attractive son of a United Nations official from Egypt, takes a liking to Erin. He also becomes part of the in-group, whose overbearing leader decides that they will make a film—"switching back and forth between modern days and ancient Egypt …". When their teacher insists that the filming be a class project, Seti secures a role for Erin, for she is the most...

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