Mary Stolz Ellen Lewis Buell - Essay

Ellen Lewis Buell

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

One of the most moving of Mary Stolz's earlier novels was "Ready or Not," a portrait of a New York family living precariously on the edge of poverty, held together by the love and instinctive wisdom of Morgan, the elder daughter. Now Mrs. Stolz continues the story of the Connors [with "The Day and the Way We Met"], taking it up four years later at a time of strain precipitated by Morgan's marriage…. Julie, at 17, feels painfully inadequate to take her sister's place. Impatient, thorny, remote, Julie has also her private problems: her secret, hopeless love for an older man, her boredom with her one steady beau, the uncertainties of her future.

As always, Mrs. Stolz is interested more in people's...

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