Mary Shelley Quiz

Everyone knows the horror story of Frankenstein... but do you know about its original creator? Take the Mary Shelley quiz from eNotes to find out! Contains ten questions about the extraordinary life of the woman whose work still haunts our nightmares.

  1. Who was NOT a frequent guest in Shelley's childhood home, a place for intellectual gatherings?

  2. Which famous early feminist was Shelley's mother?

  3. True or False: Shelley's mother died just days after her birth

  4. How old was Mary Shelley when she wrote Frankenstein?

  5. Where did Shelley meet her future husband, the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley?

  6. What sparked Shelley's interest in reanimation of the human body?

  7. How old was Shelley when her first poem was published?

  8. Where did Shelley claim the idea for Frankenstein came from?

  9. With what other poet did the Shelleys frequently spend time?

  10. Who illustrated Shelley's book Original Stories from Real Life?

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