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Bahmueller and Bennekamper offer a positive assessment of Beyond God the Father.

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Evans lauds Daly's accomplishment in The Gender Division of Welfare, arguing that the work is “a welcome addition to the expanding scholarship on gender and welfare states.”

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Hanagan praises The Gender Division of Welfare, noting that “Daly's study marks an important step in social science research.”

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Karagianis provides an overview of Daly's legal battle to teach female students separately from men.

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Maitland compliments Daly's critique of male-defined language in Pure Lust, but finds shortcomings in her etymological equations and her disinterest in historical or social reality.

McNeil, Helen. “Hag-ography.” New Statesman 99, no. 2559 (4 April 1980): 514-15.

McNeil praises the importance of the subject material in Gyn/Ecology, but criticizes Daly's polemical approach and linguistic imprecision.

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Miller and Dagostino discuss the controversial legal case brought against Daly for denying male students admittance to her Boston College class.

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Pollitt examines the legal dispute between Daly and Boston College, noting that she objects to both Daly's claim and the feminist support on her behalf.

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Santoni offers a positive assessment of Beyond God the Father, which he praises as a “brilliant and prophetic” book despite its shortcomings.

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Sapiro compliments Daly's central argument in Gyn/Ecology, though cites flaws in her underlying Catholic perspective and her tendency toward description rather than analysis.

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Sexton provides an unfavorable review of Pure Lust.

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Weil offers a generally positive review of Quintessence despite misgivings over Daly's utopian optimism.

Youngs, Dale. “What's So Good about the Goddess?” Christianity Today (16 August 1993): 21.

Youngs discusses Daly's feminist theology and advocacy for goddess worship, which Youngs finds historically and theologically flawed.

Additional coverage of Daly's life and career is contained in the following sources published by the Gale Group: Contemporary Authors, Vols. 25-28R; Contemporary Authors New Revision Series, Vols. 30, 62; Feminist Writers; Gay and Lesbian Literature, Ed. 1; Literature Resource Center; and Major 20th-Century Writers, Ed. 1.

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