Mary Brave Bird

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Adams, Phoebe-Lou. Review of Lakota Woman, by Mary Crow Dog. The Atlantic Monthly 265, No. 5 (May 1990): 133

Favorably assesses Lakota Woman.

Devereaux, Elizabeth. "Two Women," in The Village Voice Literary Supplement, No. 100 (November 1991): 27.

Comparative review of Madonna Swann: A Lakota Woman's Story as Told through Mark St. Pierre and Lakota Woman.

Norton, Margaret W. Review of Ohitika Woman, by Mary Brave Bird. Library Journal 118, No. 13 (August 1993): 112, 114.

Positive review of Ohitika Woman.

Review of Ohitika Woman, by Mary Brave Bird. Publishers Weekly 240, No. 29 (19 July 1993): 243.

Presents an overview of Ohitika Woman.

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