Mary Astell

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Principal Works

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A Serious Proposal To the Ladies For the Advancement of their true and greatest interest. By a Lover of her Sex (nonfiction) 1694

Letters Concerning the Love of God Between the Author of the Proposal to the Ladies and Mr. John Norris, wherein his Discourse shewing That it ought to be entire and exclusive of all other Loves, is further cleared and justified [correspondence with John Norris] (letters) 1695

A Serious Proposal to the Ladies Part II. Wherein a Method Is Off'd for the Improvement of their Minds (nonfiction) 1697

Some Reflections upon Marriage Occasion'd by the Duke & Duchess of Mazarine's Case which is also consider'd (nonfiction) 1700

A Fair Way with the Dissenters and their Patrons. Not writ by Mr. Lā€”ā€”ā€”y, or any other Furious Jacobite whether Clergyman or Layman, but by a very Moderate Person and Dutiful Subject to the Queen (nonfiction) 1704

An Impartial Enquiry into the Causes of Rebellion and Civil War in this Kingdom. In an examination of Dr. Kennett's Sermon Jan. 31, 1703-4 and vindication of the Royal Martyr (nonfiction) 1704

Moderation truly Stated; or, a Review of a Late Pamphlet entitl'd Moderation a Vertue with a Prefatory Discourse to Dr. D'Avenant concerning His late Essays on Peace and War (nonfiction) 1704

The Christian Religion as Profess'd by a Daughter of the Church of England (nonfiction) 1705

Bart'lemy Fair or an Enquiry after Wit in which due Respect is had to a Letter Concerning Enthusiasm. To my Lord ***. By Mr. Wotton (nonfiction) 1709

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