Martyn Waites Biography


(Masterpieces of Fiction, Detective and Mystery Edition)

Martyn Waites was born in 1963 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, where he was raised. He grew up reading comic books, particularly enjoying the exploits of Batman, and developed a fondness for crime novels, especially the work of Graham Greene. Following high school, he worked at a variety of occupations—barman, market trader, leather-coat salesman, stand-up comedian, and stagehand at the Playhouse. During his late teens and early twenties, Waites played bass, sang, and wrote songs in several obscure local bands, including Dennis, Pin Up, Tractors Are Go, and the Fire Escape. In the early 1980’s, on behalf of the National Association for Charitable Recycling Organizations (NACRO), he taught drama to teenagers who had broken the law. After two years of service with NACRO at Huntercombe Young Offenders Institution, Waites left for London to study acting. He later served as writer-in-residence at Her Majesty’s Prison in Chelmsford.

As an actor, Waites landed a few small roles in such television series as Spender (1991-1993), The New Adventures of Robin Hood (1997-1998), Badger (1999), and Close and True (2000). He began writing in the early 1990’s and contributed short stories and articles to both print and online publications, including Bizarre, The Big Issue, and The Bookseller. His fiction has appeared in such anthologies as The Adventure of the Missing Detective: Nineteen of the...

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