Martin Mull Robert E.A.P. Ritholz - Essay

Robert E.A.P. Ritholz

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[Martin Mull has] made some of the funniest, but most neglected, records around.

The problem seems to be that Mull's field is musical parody, and the record-buying public does not appear to be ready for him yet. (p. 25)

It is too bad that music is taken so seriously now. Satirists like Mull help to define and clarify musical styles by condensing and exaggerating them through the very act of parody. For example, on his first album (cleverly entitled Martin Mull), Mull presents a parody of country and western music called "Livin' Above My Station." Were one to listen to it casually, it would probably sound like just another of the countless C and W songs. However, if one...

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