Martin Heidegger Robert Mugerauer - Essay

Robert Mugerauer

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

I take it that one of the reasons Heidegger wrote [Discourse on Thinking] was to invite us to think. And if we are aware of the difficulties of reading and thinking, we might fairly assume that Heidegger was aware of them too. Indeed, we may assume he was more aware of them than most of us are. Further, if I or anyone else claims to be able to help us to read Heidegger, we need to discover some clues as to how to go about it and then pass these on. I say discover, rather than invent, because I believe Heidegger himself shows us how he is to be read.

Parts of Discourse on Thinking do not make obvious sense, but I contend that they do make sense. The book translated as...

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