Chapters 30-32 Summary

Tension has continued to grow between Mr. Pecksniff and his daughter Charity. He begs her to return to his fatherly embrace, but she hints that she knows where his true affection lies. He thinks she speaks out of jealousy over Mercy’s marriage to Jonas. She demands that he provide her an allowance so that she may live on her own, such as in London with Mrs. Todgers. Pecksniff agrees, seeing this as an excellent way to get rid of such unpleasantness.

Pecksniff runs across Mr. Chuzzlewit out on a walk. He has thought of a way to manage to get the Chuzzlewit money. He invites Mr. Chuzzlewit to live with him, since Charity is leaving. He also has designs on Mary, so he suggests that an inn is no place for a young lady....

(The entire section is 515 words.)