The Martian Chronicles

by Ray Bradbury

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Student Question

What is the summary of the first three pages in "The Naming of Names" from "The Martian Chronicles"?

Expert Answers

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In "The Naming of Names," Bradbury writes of how people from the four expeditions to Mars had named areas and things after the familiar earth names.  This story is one of several connected stories in "The Martian Chronicles," and to get the full meaning it must be read in conjunction with the other stories. This carries on his theme of middle America and how important communities are.  Bradbury, in this story, discusses how after all the colonist had come, worked, built, and named the names new expeditions came and blasted away the old and renamed with their traditional names.

"New pylons were plunged with new names: IRON TOWN, STEEL TOWN, ALUMINUM CITY, ELECTRIC VILLAGE, CORN TOWN, GRAIN VILLA, DETROIT II, all the mechanical names and the metal names from Earth."

Bradbury goes on to say that after all the sacrifices have been made, the graveyards built, the work done that the "sophisticates" came.  The politicians arrived to take over with their laws and their rules.  The colonist had left to get away from these types of things and now the exact people they were trying to evade had followed them.

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