I Married a Communist

by Philip Roth

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

The narrator of Philip Roth’s I Married a Communist is Nathan Zuckerman. He tells the story of his former teacher Murray Ringold staying with him for six days and relating the life of his brother, Ira Ringold, Zuckerman’s hero. Ira was influenced by Johnny O’Day, who introduced him to communism. Ira moved to New York and became a popular radio host, then fell in love with Eve Frame, another radio personality. Frame had been married twice before and had a daughter: Sylphid, an opera singer.
Frame’s notoriety and friends help Ira avoid trouble during McCarthyism, but the marriage ends in divorce. Frame’s friends, the Grants, write a book in Frame’s name called I Married a Communist. Ira falls apart and runs a mine with Tommy Minarek.

Both Murray's and Zuckerman’s lives are affected by their relationships with Ira—Murray is fired from his job, and Zuckerman loses his Fulbright scholarship.

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