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A young widow, Giulietta, the marquise of O——, has placed a notice in the newspaper announcing that she is pregnant and does not know how she came to be pregnant. The notice says that she will marry the man who presents himself as the father of her child. The marquise already has children and enjoys the respect of her family and community. Her father is a colonel and in command of a fortress, and her late husband, the marquis, had died on a business trip to Paris. After his death, she was urged home by her mother, and she has been living with her parents quietly, pursuing her own education and that of her children while caring for her parents.

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War breaks out, disturbing the marquise’s tranquil retreat. Before she and her mother can leave the fort, Russian troops storm in. The wing of the house where the women have taken shelter catches fire, and the marquise flees, separated from her mother and exposed to the invading soldiers. A group of sharpshooters attacks her with the intention of raping her. Russian count F—— comes to her rescue. He fights her attackers, gives her his arm with a polite address in French, and guides her to safety in the other wing of the palace. She perceives her rescuer as an angel. The marquise’s women servants arrive, and the count leaves to return to the fight.

Colonel Lorenzo G——, Giulietta’s father, has been awaiting an opportunity to surrender to the proper authority, and when the count appears he hands over his weapon and asks to see his family. He learns of the attack on his daughter and tells the Russian general who comes to take charge of the fort about the disgraceful behavior of his troops. The count, meanwhile, has been working feverishly to put out the fire in the palace, and when his general asks him to identify the men who insulted the marquise, he says that he was unable to see their faces. The general orders summary execution of the men after finding one wounded participant in the attack who names his partners in crime. The Russian troops, including Count F——, vacate the fort. The marquise tries to contact her hero, but he sends his apologies and does not see her again.

While the family is trying to find a way to thank the count, news arrives that he has been fatally shot in battle, a shot witnessed by the bearer of the message himself. The count’s dying words indicate that the shot is his just punishment for a crime he has committed against a woman named Giulietta. The marquise, hearing this, is amazed that he has been intimate with a woman who shares her first name.

The colonel and his family turn the fort over to the Russian victors and move into a house in the nearby town, where they resume their quiet and ordered life. The daily routine is disrupted when the marquise begins to have symptoms that, in any other woman, she would identify with pregnancy. They all laugh about this impossibility.

The count shocks the family by appearing at their new home. He looks pale, and before they can ask any questions, he inquires about the health of the marquise. She answers that she has been a little ill. He unexpectedly asks her to marry him. The whole family feels astonishment, and they deflect the proposal with questions about his own miraculous recovery from the purportedly fatal bullet wound. He replies that he was on the verge of death and thought only of the marquise. After returning to the army, he reports, he began to write many times, but since he is now en route to deliver messages to Naples, he had decided to come in person. He thinks he will be sent on a longer journey to Saint Petersburg, so he urges an immediate answer to his suit, puzzling the family even more. When he insists on staying with the marquise until she makes a decision—placing him in peril of a court martial—the family decides...

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