The Market Revolution, Industrialization, and New Technologies

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What contributed to America's rapid industrialization?

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Technology was a factor that contributed to the rapid industrialization of America.

In the period following the Civil War, technology played a very large role in the industrialization of America.  For example, the technology behind the Bessemer process contributed to rapid economic growth.  The Bessemer process helped to produce vast quantities of steel in an inexpensive manner. This steel became an invaluable resource in industrialization. Technology in the form of transportation helped to economically transform America, as well.  The development of the Transcontinental Railroad unified the nation through the railways.  The result was that goods could be easily transported across America and this helped to facilitate industrialization in America.

Another technological advancement that helped to industrialize the nation was in Henry Ford's embrace of the assembly line.  This method increased production of automobiles while maximizing efficiency.  Finally, Edison's invention of the light bulb was another example of how technology contributed to American industrialization.  With the light bulb, industrialization growth could take place at any given time.  Industrial expansion was no longer limited by sun light.  

These technological advancements were critical in the rapid transformation of the nation from farms to factories.   As a result, economic growth advanced at a very rapid rate and helped to catapult America into a dominant industrial power.

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