(Great Characters in Literature)

John Standish Sawyer

John Standish Sawyer, a country gentleman who, deciding that fox hunting is poor in his own country, goes to Market Harborough. There he meets other ardent fox hunters and falls in love with the parson’s daughter, who is also devoted to fox hunting. A steeplechase is held, and though Sawyer rides a fine race, he takes a fall near the end of the course and breaks his collarbone. The parson’s daughter decides then to marry him. After the marriage, she makes him give up hunting. He is soon observed reading a book about hunting; he will be back with the hounds before long.

The Honorable Crasher

The Honorable Crasher, Sawyer’s friend and hunting companion at Market Harborough.


Isaac, Sawyer’s groom and horse handler. He tricks the Honorable Crasher into buying, for a large sum, a handsome but worthless horse belonging to Sawyer. With the money from the sale, Sawyer buys a horse good enough to enable him to make a fine showing in the steeplechase.


Tiptop, the Honorable Crasher’s groom. He is tricked by Isaac’s substitution of horses in a test run into giving his master a glowing report of Sawyer’s worthless horse.

Cecilia Dove

Cecilia Dove, the pretty and coquettish daughter of the parson. She marries Sawyer.

Mr. Dove

Mr. Dove, the parson, an ardent fox hunter.