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["A Ticket for a Seamstitch"] may have its shortcomings, but it does, at least, provoke the sort of laughter that a grown man needn't be ashamed of, and that, as current fiction goes, is saying a great deal….

Although there are occasional lapses into Runyonese ("Is he not in a nervous sweat?"), the author's ear for the idiom is generally good, and his eye for character even better. (p. 17)

Mr. Harris is not just a writer of funny baseball novels; he is a comic artist of considerable skill, whose subject happens to be the national sport. (p. 18)

Donald Malcolm, "The Pitcher in the Rye," in The New Republic (reprinted by permission of The New Republic; © 1957 The New Republic, Inc.), Vol. 136, No. 7, February 18, 1957, pp. 17-18.

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