Marivaux Long Fiction Analysis - Essay

Pierre Carlet

Marivaux Long Fiction Analysis

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

The early works of Marivaux show the young author’s interest in the way his protagonists react to the conventional twists of fate, a preoccupation showing up as early as 1713-1714 in Les Effets surprenants de la sympathie (the surprising results of affection) and recurring in his other novels. Another predilection of theme is found in Marivaux’s first novel, in which love comes by surprise very rapidly and is reciprocated. Though “love at first sight” is a more frequent theme in Marivaux’s plays, it manifests itself in the novels as well.

In Les Effets surprenants de la sympathie, Clorante sees Caliste at a window and is “surprised by love.” When Marianne meets Valville and is helped by...

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