Marilyn R(uthe) Bowering

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Marilyn R(uthe) Bowering 1949–

Canadian poet and novelist.

Surreal and vividly imagistic, Bowering's poems frequently resemble myths and dreams. Bowering writes many poems from the point of view of a primitive female persona and infuses her work with the myths and symbolism of the Canadian West Coast. Her poetry collections—One Who Became Lost (1976), The Killing Room (1977), and Giving Back Diamonds (1982)—often depict extreme emotions, especially anger and violence.

In addition to her collections of poetry, Bowering also wrote The Visitors Have All Returned (1979), a structurally experimental novel in which each chapter is only loosely connected to the others. Like her poetry, this work has received mixed critical reviews.

(See also Contemporary Authors, Vol. 101.)

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