Style and Technique

(Comprehensive Guide to Short Stories, Critical Edition)

Porter is known for her rich, descriptive narratives. The detail and highly symbolic imagery in the story contribute immensely to the story’s themes, as well as providing suspense and enjoyment for the reader. Much of this imagery sets up ironic contrast, producing even more tension in the story. The civilized world of María Concepción, for example, includes ancient, thorny cacti, representing the customs, superstitions, and dangers that María Concepción herself cannot escape. María Rosa’s honey is something that even María Concepción desires. The butchering of animals throughout foreshadows and intensifies the violent form María Concepción’s revenge takes. Religious imagery underpins the action as well. Juan is simultaneously posed as a boy and as a Christ-figure, to underscore his irresponsibility as well as his innocence or victimhood in the hands of Givens and María Concepción. María Concepción is likened to the Virgin Mary as she holds María Rosa’s son, creating a chilling, thought-provoking picture of her newfound “strange, wakeful happiness.”


(Comprehensive Guide to Short Stories, Critical Edition)

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