Marguerite Duras World Literature Analysis - Essay

Marguerite Duras World Literature Analysis

Duras’s artistic output includes novels, screenplays, and stage plays. Her third published novel, Un Barrage contre le Pacifique (1950; The Sea Wall, 1952, also A Sea of Troubles, 1953), provides evidence of her habit of using a central scene, variations on which are repeated throughout the work. The Sea Wall tells the story of a widowed mother who buys a piece of land that is regularly flooded by the Pacific Ocean. The image of the deluge dominates the novel and the lives of the widow and her two children.

A short story, “Le Boa” (1954; “The Boa,” 1984), also centers on vividly described scenes, in this instance juxtaposing one of a boa constrictor at the zoo devouring a...

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