Margot Benary-Isbert Marcus Crouch - Essay

Marcus Crouch

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Vogelsang [of The Wicked Enchantment] is a German city. It is not obviously detached from the rest of the world, but through many centuries it has gone its own way, living for the most part contentedly beneath the shadow of the great Gothic cathedral. People from other towns say 'We are all a little touched', but the Vogelsanger madness is of an agreeable kind and the ghosts who haunt the town are mostly 'nice and respectable'. But evil comes to Vogelsang; to be precise, it comes from within the town, from the forgotten vault beneath the cathedral where Earl Owl of Owlhall rests uneasily. (The parallel with Nazi Germany is implicit.) (p. 133)

Margot Benary adopted an appropriately Gothic frame...

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