Margot Benary-Isbert Carolyn T. Kingston - Essay

Carolyn T. Kingston

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

The Ark is a story of how one family managed to survive when their home, possessions, father, and one son were swept away during World War II. As all those chosen by Noah to come into the ark survived, so this story shows that life can be ongoing despite floods and wars, or holocaustal conditions. (p. 108)

The tragic moments of the story are the times when Margret faces the loss of something or someone she loves. The first tragedy is conveyed in retrospect, a device that helps to cushion the sorrow the reader must feel in learning of the loss of Margret's happy home and the death of her twin brother…. One day she meets an old woman who has lost an only son in the war. Mari has found a way to...

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