Margaret O(ldroyd) Hyde Ronald J. Kley - Essay

Ronald J. Kley

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[For Pollution Fighters Only] is well written, well organized, and offers an excellent summary of today's outstanding problems in the area of environmental pollution: yet it leaves much to be desired in its approach to the solution of these problems. The text emphasizes the complexity of ecological relationships, and offers examples of well-intentioned "improvements" that have been far outweighed by their long-term negative effects; yet the book offers several rather simplistic suggestions for "pollution fighters" without attempting to evaluate their potential negative side effects…. Perhaps most unfortunate, in terms of the book's overall purpose and approach, is the fact that self-education is nowhere listed among the many actions that "pollution fighters" ought to take in order to improve their environment. For without some fundamental knowledge of chemistry, biology, economics, sociology, and other relevant disciplines it is difficult to imagine how young people can ever be integrated into the leadership of an effective "environmental revolution." This book seems to imply that the good intentions and dedicated activism of wide-eyed Aquarians are adequate to meet the challenge at hand. I doubt it. (pp. 20-1)

Ronald J. Kley, "'For Pollution Fighters Only'," in Appraisal: Science Books for Young People (copyright © 1972 by the Children's Science Book Review Committee), Vol. 5, No. 1, Winter, 1972, pp. 20-1.