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Praises the final scene of Wit.

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Identifies Wit as a “potently cogent and illuminating first play.”

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Calls Wit a thrilling theatrical experience.

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Explores the theme of patient care in Wit.

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Favorable review of Judith Light's portrayal of Vivian Bearing in Wit.

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Commends the depiction of death and art in Wit.

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Deems Wit “a deeply felt, human and humane experience.”

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Favorable review of the off-Broadway production of Wit.

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Finds parallels between Wit and Lisa Loomer's The Waiting Room.

Simon, John. “Well Donne.” New York 31, no. 37 (28 September 1998): 78-9.

Asserts that Wit “is a dazzling and humane play you will remember till your dying day, and especially then, thanks also to a near-flawless production.”

Taylor, Markland. Review of Wit, by Margaret Edson. Variety 369, no. 2 (17 November 1997): 77.

Provides a favorable assessment of the 1997 New Haven production of Wit.

Torrens, James S. “Triple Play.” America 180, no. 17 (15 May 1999): 27-8.

Laudatory review of Wit.

Wheeler, Edward T. “Continuing the Conversation.” Commonweal 126, no. 6 (26 March 1999): 35.

Argues that the resolution of Wit “is a betrayal of Donne's poetry.”

Additional coverage of Edson life and career is contained in the following sources published by Thomson Gale: Contemporary Authors, Vol. 190; Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 266; Drama for Students, Vol. 13; and Literature Resource Center.

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Criticism: Wit (1993)

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