Margaret Cavendish Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))


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Biographical discussion of Cavendish focusing on her life and literary career.

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Extensive literary biography that praises Cavendish as a pioneer of the female literary tradition in the seventeenth century.


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Examines Cavendish's conflicting self-portrayals, and attributes them to the necessity for a publishing woman writer in the seventeenth century to justify herself within traditionally acceptable frameworks.

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Explains Cavendish's desire for fame in terms of Renaissance ideal of honor.

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Highlights Cavendish's efforts to make science accessible to women in her time, stating that she was "the first Englishwoman to write extensively about science."

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Offers a brief review of Blazing World and asserts that the portrayal of Cavendish's aspirations in this novel is more significant than the actual achievement of her dreams.

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Highlights the conflict between Cavendish's desire for literary recognition and her lack of education.

Additional coverage of Cavendish's life and career is contained in the following source published by Gale Research: Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 131.