Further Reading

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Baker, J. N. L. "The Middle Ages." In A History of Geographical Discovery and Exploration, pp. 34-57. New York: Cooper Square Publishers, 1967.

Discusses the advances made by Polo, his father, and his uncle in the field of geographical exploration.

Brendon, J. A. "Marco Polo." In Great Navigators … Discoverers, pp. 29-38. Freeport, N.Y.: Books for Libraries Press, 1930.

Provides an overview of Polo's life and travels.

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Describes Polo's travels throughout Asia and discusses his association with Kublai Khan.

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Provides—as supplementary material to Henry Yule's edition of Polo's work—"notes and addenda" which contain "the results of recent research and discovery."

Penzer, N. M. "Marco Polo: Parts I and II." The Asiatic Review XXIV, No. 80 (October, 1928): 657-67; XXV, No. 81 (January, 1929): 49-56.

Examines in detail the history of a number of versions of Polian manuscripts.

Severin, Tim. Tracking Marco Polo. New York: Peter Bedrick Books, 1964, 164 p.

An account of the author's journey and observations as he followed the overland routes through Asia traversed by Polo.

Thomas, Henry, and Thomas, Dana Lee. "Marco Polo." In their Living Biographies of Famous Men, pp. 17-34. Garden City, N.Y.: Blue Ribbon Books, 1946.

Summary of Polo's life and travels that includes a number of exerpts from his work.

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