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Read Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage and compare its theme of bravery and cowardice to that in March. Does Brooks raise any new points about what defines these terms and the effect that the acknowledgement of cowardice has on an individual? Write a comparison and contrast paper on the two novels, focusing on the authors’ treatment of this subject.

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The flashbacks in the novel would be difficult to depict in film. How would you solve this problem? Write a section of the novel that includes a scene from the present and one from the past as a screenplay, noting how you would make a smooth transition between the parts.

Research the subject of race relations in the North during the Civil War. How did attitudes towards blacks compare with those in the South. Did those attitudes change significantly immediately after the war? Present a PowerPoint presentation on your findings.

Write a short story that focuses on the March family five years after the end of the novel. How do you envision March dealing with his guilt? Would he and Marmee be able to regain the strong relationship they once had?

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