Marcel Proust Pleasures and Regrets Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Short Story Criticism)


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Surveys the range of characters in Pleasures and Regrets.

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Analyzes the role of representation in Proust’s story “La mélancolique villégiature de Mme de Breyves.”

———. “Plotting the Fetish: Proust's Pleasures and Regrets.” In Neurosis and Narrative: The Decadent Short Fiction of Proust, Lorrain, and Rachilde, pp. 35-74. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1992.

Provides a thematic and stylistic analysis of the short stories in Pleasures and Regrets.

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Compares Proust’s usage of narrative technique and thematic structure in Pleasures and Regrets to Régnier’s realistic novel La Canne de jaspe.

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Examines the numerous literary influences on “La Mélancolique Villégiature de Mme de Breyves.”

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