The Many Ways of Seeing Critical Context - Essay

Janet Gaylord Moore

Critical Context

(Survey of Young Adult Fiction)

Janet Moore’s method of teaching art arises out of her experiences as an artist, art teacher, and education curator in the Cleveland Museum of Art. In addition to The Many Ways of Seeing, she has written The Eastern Gate: An Invitation to the Arts of China and Japan (1979). Both books provide introductions to aspects of the visual arts for young people.

While The Many Ways of Seeing is intended to instill an appreciation of art in a juvenile audience, it is useful for anyone who is interested in learning about how to look at art. The book has been successful, and it was named a Newbery Honor Book by the American Library Association. Critics have praised the book for the clarity with which Moore presents her ideas and material. The Many Ways of Seeing has a sensitivity and simplicity, but it never talks down to the reader, whether juvenile or adult. The integration of the text and the illustrated artworks has also been cited as a strength of this book.

A number of books are currently available whose subject is art appreciation. Most, however, are intended as textbooks for courses at the college level or for adult readers who desire an introduction to the visual arts. The Many Ways of Seeing remains one of the few books whose primary audience is young people. Its combination of textual discussion and visual exercises is almost unique and well-suited to involve young people directly in the creative process of art.