Chapter 9 Summary

On the hottest afternoon they have known since they arrived at this time, Sandy and Dennys hear thunder rumbling in the distance. They realize this is a good thing for the orchards and garden, but it could also signal the beginning of the flood. Lamech is clearly dying and asks them about their time “over the mountain.” They tell him that people are taller and have places to help the sick, but their hearts are not kinder than those Lamech has known. Lamech says he does not understand the words of El. The twins do not understand either. The thunder and lightning grow stronger, but no rain falls.

That night, the twins discuss how their beliefs have changed since they have come to this time. The have become more accepting of the unexplainable. They realize that, though the flood wiped out almost all of the human race, evil still exists. But so does good; it is evident in some of the scientists they have studied and admired. Tiglah approaches, and Dennys is again repelled by her odor and her aggressive sensuality. Tiglah tells them Mahlah’s baby will be born this night. The birth might be difficult because nephilim are bigger than humans. Tiglah and Sandy go for a walk in the desert. Tiglah kisses him, arousing him. He knows what she wants. He wants it too, but Tiglah is not worth “losing his ability to touch a unicorn,” as he puts it. He tears himself away and leaves. Tiglah goes to Rofocale, the nephil, who questions her as to her seduction of Sandy. She admits that she did not get far. Rofocale tells her that she will still be his, even when she has seduced Sandy. She asks if she will make a baby for him. Rofocale promises that she will soon.

In the women’s tent, Oholibamah acts as midwife as Mahlah gives birth. Mahlah is having a great deal of difficulty because of the large size of the baby. With Matred’s help, Oholibamah guides Mahlah. Ugiel keeps asking how long this will take, clearly more concerned about his child than his wife. Mahlah eventually gives birth, but her flesh rips a great deal. Oholibamah holds the flaps of skin together to stop the bleeding. Ugiel is pleased his child is born but is indifferent to Mahlah’s welfare. Sandy and Dennys stay by Lamech’s side. Lamech tells them El has spoken of many waters coming.

Noah is worrying over El’s words to him when Yalith tells him that Mahlah has successfully given birth. Sandy rides the camel Adnarel to bring Noah to Lamech’s tent. Sandy walks back so Noah can reach his father in time. He is attacked and carried away with his head covered.