Chapter 8 Summary

Mahlah and Tiglah wait near Lamech’s tent as the twins approach. Tiglah apologizes to Sandy because her father and brother threw him out of their tent when the unicorn brought him, but it turns out that she is speaking to Dennys. Sandy thinks Tiglah is beautiful but not in the subtle way of Yalith. The girls ask the twins if they want to go walking but the boys decline, claiming that their skin is still too sensitive to be exposed much as of yet. The griffin appears, but Tiglah kicks her away.

After the girls leave, Dennys and Sandy discuss them. Dennys tells Sandy of his experience in Tiglah’s tent, stating that she did not try to stop her father and brother from throwing him out. They again wonder what will happen to the girls when the flood comes. They might be drowned as well, which would be better than dying in a nuclear war, such as threatens their home at the time. As the boys take onions back to the tent, Japheth tells them that Shem always thanks the animals before he kills them. The twins like this about Shem. They tell Japheth about hunting in their own time, which is less respectful of the prey. The women fix a stew, for which Dennys and Sandy give them thanks. Anah, Ham’s wife, is uncomfortably familiar with Sandy and invites them to come to Noah’s tent to eat any time.

At night, Matred points out to Noah that Mahlah is almost due to give birth. Noah was totally unaware of this and is upset to learn that his daughter has been wedded to one of the nephilim without the proper ceremonies. They speak of Yalith, whom they hope will marry one of the twins.

The boys have been in this time for several months now. Anah continues to be provocative in her attentions to them. Grandfather Lamech spends most of his days in his tent asleep; he no longer comes out to watch the boys work in his garden. Sandy and Dennys discuss what is happening back home and notice the changes that have happened around them since their arrival. They see that the seraphim like them but the nephilim do not. Sandy still finds himself attracted to Tiglah. Ugiel comes to Matred and tells her that Mahlah will give birth that night and will need her mother and her sister to help her. As he leaves, he tells Yalith that she cannot have them both, referring to her quandary about which twin she likes. Matred learns that Elisheba, Shem’s wife, is expecting once again. Eblis waits for Yalith and once again proposes to her. She suddenly feels afraid of him because she realizes that “want” and “love” are direct opposites for the nephilim.