Chapter 7 Summary

Sandy asks the seraph Adnarel how he and Dennys are going to get home, but Adnarel has no idea. He explains that Dennys is almost well enough to travel across the oasis to come to him, though it is a long way. Sandy suggests that Adnarel summon a unicorn and then asks about the method that unicorns use to travel; he associates it with the concept of a quantum leap, in which subatomic particles can be observed where they start and end but not during the journey itself.

Sandy wishes he could see Yalith again. He and his brother have not yet become interested in girls at school, but the girls in this place intrigue him. He gets permission from Adnarel to go outside in the sun for a short time. Adnarel says he will send a griffin (half lion, half eagle) when it is time to come in. As Sandy sits in the shade, Tiglah comes to see him. He is half intrigued, half repelled by her odor of perfume-masked perspiration and her made-up face. She kisses him, and he quickly puts some distance between himself and her. The griffin arrives and drives Tiglah away. Sandy is sorry to see her go, though Lamech warns him to stay away from her.

Dennys comes across the desert on a camel, though he finds it difficult to ride. Alarid says the other seraphim have noticed that Dennys has made changes, specifically in bringing Noah and Lamech together. This is a good thing, he says, though the seraphim do not interfere. As the camel carries Dennys toward Lamech’s tent, a manticore tries to attach but is driven away when the camel changes into a seraph.

The nephilim meet in the desert and discuss what to do about Dennys and Sandy. They decide the boys must be put in the power of the nephilim through the weapon of lust.

Sandy and Dennys are reunited and relate their experiences to each other. They talk about the outcome of the story of Noah, specifically the lack of information about the women. They decide to work in the garden and hope that some idea will come to them.

The seraphim gather and discuss the positive changes Sandy and Dennys have made. Although the seraphim do not normally approve of change, the bringing together of father and son is good. They discuss whether they should stay in their limited capacity on earth or leave and resume their full powers. Admael, the camel that carried Dennys across the oasis, says he will stay.