Chapter 6 Summary

Yalith looks out in the nighttime and sees a circle of creatures that change into nephilim. In the center is Mahlah, who is officially betrothed to Ugiel. Surrounding the nephilim is a circle of seraphim, who plead with the nephilim that they are brothers. The nephilim tell the seraphim that they have rejected heaven and have chosen to live on earth. The seraphim say they have thus lost both. As Mahlah and Ugiel disappear, Eblis arrives and tries to convince Yalith once again to become his wife. She refuses again, but Eblis tells her he will wait.

Japheth comes to visit Dennys and sees that he is getting better. They talk of the message Dennys received from the stars as he has sat out under the skies at night. The stars told him to make peace. He feels this is a call to heal the breach between Lamech and Noah.

At Lamech’s tent, Sandy is at last allowed to go outside. Sandy begs for some kind of occupation, so he begins to repair the neglect in Lamech’s gardens. The seraphim Adnarel comes to see Sandy, and they discuss Sandy’s purpose in being here.

Noah comes to visit Dennys and tells him he will soon be well enough to join Sandy at Lamech’s tent. Noah refuses to go to his father’s tent. Dennys tells him that Lamech is his father and nothing should keep them apart. He tries to convince Noah that, as the younger man, he should be strong enough to bow and apologize.

In the town, Tiglah, the sister of Anah (Ham’s wife), puts on make-up and is visited by the nephil Rofacale. Tiglah, like Mahlah, is attracted to the nephilim, for whom she is beautifying herself.

Sandy sees a man approaching Lamech’s tent. It is Noah; he has come to see his father. As Noah goes into the tent, Sandy is overwhelmed that it is apparent that he and Dennys have traveled to another point in time rather than to another planet. As Noah and Lamech come out of the tent, reconciled once again, Sandy realizes that Lamech will die soon—before the flood comes. Lamech tells Noah that El has told him the end times have come; “many waters” are approaching. Lamech tells Sandy of his Grandfather Enoch, who walked with El and then disappeared. Noah rejects the idea that his father will soon die, saying that perhaps he will disappear as Enoch did. Lamech has accepted his approaching death, but Sandy wonders about Lamech and Yalith, neither of whom is mentioned as among the survivors in the biblical account of the flood.