Chapter 3 Summary

Yalith hurries home with her blowpipe ready in case she once again encounters the manticore. She heads toward an outcropping where she sees a lion, to whom she calls out, “Aariel!” However, it is not a lion but a dragon who rises up in the shape of a man. It is Elbis, one of the nephilim. He offers Yalith gifts in an obvious attempt to get her agree to his desire to mate. The nephilim regularly try to seduce the human girls (“daughters of men”), but Yalith considers herself too young at less than one hundred years of age. Elbis warns her that there are changes coming and that El (God) is going to cut short the human life span, which goes on for hundreds of years. He offers to teach her many things. She recognizes it is an honor to be taught by a nephil, but she hesitates.

A lion approaches and reveals himself to be the seraph Aariel. Yalith tells him about Sandy, the “young giant,” in her Grandfather Lamech’s tent. Aariel notices that Yalith seems to have observed Sandy closely as to his physical attributes. Yalith continues on home, passing through a town where she sees her sister, Mahlah, in company with Ugiel, one of the nephilim. Mahlah tells her she has betrothed herself to the nephil and wants Yalith to tell their mother.

Dennys awakens to find himself with the unicorn in the company of a group of small people who are of a cruder appearance that Japheth. They have called for a unicorn and are surprised that one arrived with this “giant.” They throw Dennys out of the tent into a garbage pit. Overcome by the stench, Dennys strips off all his clothes and walks naked across the burning sand.

Mahlah waits out in the desert where Ugiel brought her. She sees a pelican that turns into a seraph named Alarid. Alarid asks her if they are really losing her to the nephilim. Mahlah points out that Ugiel is his brother, but Alarid says he and Ugiel have chosen different paths. Alarid begs her not to forget him...

(The entire section is 521 words.)