Chapter 2 Summary

Sandy wakes up to find Japheth and an old man standing over him. The old man is Japheth’s grandfather, Lamech. The mammoth, Higgaion, is spraying water over Sandy’s sunburned body. He asks for Dennys and learns that his twin had become unconscious, losing the connection he and the unicorn had with reality, and disappeared. Lamech assures him that unicorns are very responsible so Denny is sure to be found. Once they call the unicorn, it will appear with Dennys. When Lamech calls the unicorn, however, Dennys is not with it. Lamech explains that evidently someone else had already called the unicorn and Dennys with it. He tells Sandy that Dennys is sure to be somewhere on the oasis. Japheth promises to go out to look for him.

Lamech asks Sandy where he is from, but Sandy has difficulty explaining his place of origin in a way the old man can understand. Suddenly, a manticore enters the tent, meaning to eat Higgaion. Dennys drives it out before it can harm anything. Lamech thanks him for saving the mammoth. A young girl about Sandy’s age enters the tent, and she and Sandy are introduced. She intrigues him, though she is about Japheth’s height of four feet. She has brought a nightlight to her grandfather, who is not in communication with her father.

After she leaves, a large, glowing, winged figure appears. It is the seraph Adnarel, who adds some herbs to the water to heal Sandy’s sunburn. He questions Sandy about his arrival in this place. Sandy explains that his father was working on an experiment with the space-time continuum, and the twins had interfered with it, which brought them here. Lamech tells Adnarel that Dennys has disappeared and that Japheth is out searching for him. Adnarel assures Sandy that his brother will be returned. He calls a pelican from the wilderness to fill the pot with water. Lamech and Higgaion will keep his skin moist to promote the healing of the sunburn. He is impressed, he says, that Sandy knows the Old Language. Sandy denies this, but Adnarel says that perhaps the gift of understanding has been awakened because he had no time to think. He gives his own robe to wrap Sandy in, and his wings are revealed. He says he will check on Japheth and see if Dennys has been found. With this security, Sandy drifts off to sleep.