Chapter 11 Summary

Yalith walks into the desert and calls for Aariel. He appears and listens as she tells him what has happened. When Yalith tells the seraph that Noah is going to build a boat, Aariel says this is wise. Yalith tells him that her parents, brothers, and their wives are going on the ark, along with animals to preserve the different species, but she and her sisters are not allowed on the ark. Aariel tells her that many waters cannot quench love. Yalith asks Aariel what he knows about Sandy’s disappearance, but Aariel says the stars are silent. When Yalith asks him if the twins will die, the seraph says he does not know.

Sandy awakens in the tent when he hears (and smells) Tiglah enter. She tells him he has a visitor, and Rofocale the nephil comes in. Rofocale asks Sandy why he and Dennys have come. At first, Sandy says he was kidnapped by Tiglah’s brother and father, but Rofocale clarifies and asks why they have come to this place. Sandy tells him he is not sure. He assures Rofocale that, even if Tiglah’s family kills him, they will not have Noah’s vineyards. The nephil leaves and Tiglah tells Sandy about Noah’s building of an ark. She thinks this is funny but Sandy does not laugh. He tells her to give up and go. She leaves, pouting.

Noah tells his family that he must begin to build the ark. They ask him if he is sure he understood; perhaps it was one of the nephilim disguising his voice. Noah assures them that he would recognize El’s voice. They cannot believe he is leaving his daughters behind.

Japheth and Dennys follow Higgaion, whom they are using as a bloodhound to track down Sandy. They discover Adnarel, the seraph, taking the form of a beetle. Alarid, as a pelican, also arrives. They tell Japheth and Dennys that Sandy has been taken for no good purpose. They will find him and return him to Noah’s tent.

Sandy feels in the dark the broken tusk of a mammoth. It is the abused animal of Tiglah’s family. He realizes he can call a unicorn. He does, and this leads Japheth and Dennys to his location. Sandy and Dennys escape as Tiglah’s father and brother enter and attack Japheth, who manages to get away, though he is wounded. The seraphim discover him and return him to his father’s tent. Later, sitting alone in the dark, Sandy and Dennys decide to help Noah build his ark even though they are not sure of their own future. The nephilim gather and plot to kill the twins.